Just because HI54LOFI RECORDS never intended to function like a record label proper, we still wore record label like pants every now and again.

The following albums & eps are a collection of releases that HI54LOFI RECORDS had been a part of in one way or another. Most of them involved working with the artist to get the release ready and promote, although there are a few that came out without any HI54LOFI RECORDS assistance, and only became an honorary release after the fact.

The rules for how a HI54LOFI RECORDS logo ended up on the tin had always been fairly flexible because the main motivation has never been about making money. And often times, there wasn't even a tin to put the logo on.

Sadly (but not actual 'sad'), HI54LOFI RECORDS is not really anymore. It was a fun little thing while it was going, but I've decided to just use the little amount of free time I have to focus on what HI54LOFI (sans RECORDS) has become. But you should still totally go listen to all of the above records.