If you've spent anytime on this here blog, then you probably know that I dig Bandcamp. I dig the fan accounts, I dig the music feed, I dig the app, I dig building a sweet collection… I pretty much just dig them a lot and think everyone else should too.

If you ask me, they're the best thing going for music makers and music takers. Because I love them and everyone who uses them, I've been experimenting with creating a 'Bandcamp Radio' for awhile now, and below you'll find my most recent attempt at it (it's every album that's been featured in the re-occurring Fandcamp feature). I'll continue adding songs, so feel free to come back often, press play and throw it on shuffle (ps - if you want to throw it on shuffle, you'll have to listen over on Minilogs… and you'll need to sign up for a free Minilogs account for non-stop listening) and when you hear something you like, go support the artist directly and add it to your own collection.

I personally believe that the greatest way to support an artist is to purchase their music through their Bandcamp page (as that is the place where they'll get the biggest cut). At the same time, I also believe that not everybody is as aware of Bandcamp as they should be (which isn't helped by most internet radio stations always creating links to iTunes or Amazon). So I hope (maybe naively) that Bandcamp Radio can be something that helps improve things.

So, swing by Bandcamp Radio, put it on shuffle, and enjoy yourself some great tunes. And if you like what you hear, click on the source link and support the artists directly (which also supports Bandcamp, who also support artists by offering them a great service).